The Beautiful Voice Of Melodic Imperfections

Singer and songwriter Lucy Rose’s heart is that of a traveller. Her songs take you on life’s journey through love, loss and, at times, loneliness. The songs keep you company while you find your way through the complicated maze of human emotions.

Coming from Warwickshire, the United Kingdom, singer and songwriter Lucy Rose has discovered herself in her third album, Something’s Changing. There have been a few firsts for Rose as she put together this album.

She debuted as a director for her new single, Is This Called Home, shot in the Lake District. Dancer Jonathan Lutwyche gives a new depth to the song through his powerful performance in the video.

Lucy also toured South and Central America and stayed with her fans, which inspired her to keep writing music. The singer shares her experiences through her songs in Something’s Changing. On tour in India to promote her new album, recently, the folk singer talked to Leena Ghosh about why it is special to her.

Something’s Changing — The Documentary

What went into Something’s Changing and how is it different from your other albums, Like I Used To and Work It Out?

This record is different. In this album, I have discovered a lot about myself. There’s also a huge amount of acceptance of self in this record. This album was recorded in producer Tim Bidwell’s living room in Brighton. The musicians were very important to the record I wanted to make. I wanted live takes of us playing together, often, with no cuts. This record is all about feelings, the little moments in time, and most importantly, it is about the songs and the message.

You have collaborated with Jonathan Lutwyche for the solo Is This Called Home — a powerful narrative expressed through dance. Tell us about the idea. 

I came up with the idea when I was finishing the song and we were recording strings. It felt like Andrew’s violin recital at the end of the song was his expression, and I wanted to capture this through Jonathan’s dance. I wanted Jonathan to express, in the video, how the song made me feel. I contacted him directly on Facebook, and the week after that, we were on the top of a mountain in the Lake District filming the video. It is something I am extremely proud of.



Who is your inspiration in music?

I have so many inspirations in music. Joni Mitchell is definitely up there, as she gave everything to her music; her own happiness, her life and to her art. Neil Young is also a huge inspiration, especially when it comes to recording. On this record, I have done a lot more live vocal takes while playing the guitar at the same time. The imperfections make the songs beautiful.

How has the Indie music scene in the UK changed over the years?

It is hard to know, really, but when I started in London 10 years ago, I threw myself — head first — into the scene, going to every open mic I knew of, and then running my own music night in a pub in Camden, called Monkey Chews. I had so many friends at that time. I still think the scene in London is brilliant, but I think more kids now are making music in their bedrooms rather than going out and playing their songs, every night at open mic.

What do you know about the Indian music scene? 

I have to be completely honest with you, I don’t know a lot about this. But I really want to learn more. I like to see what Anoushka Shankar is doing as I really love her music.

You are touring 19 cities around the world. How has your journey been so far? 

Yes, I am doing a fair bit of international touring and most of the dates haven’t been announced yet, so it is going to be a busy year. It’s so interesting going to different countries, but the audiences all have something in common — music. I have just finished my Latin American tour and the audiences have been special and supportive.

Collaboration plans: 

I have lots of people I would love to work with, but keeping the ideas close to me for now.


Picture Credits: Laura Lewis


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