Lisa Hilton: Unapologetic Master Of An Erotic Art

Judith Rashleigh is unapologetic. She seduces. She slays. And she thrives in murky waters amidst the dark secrets of the art world. She believes in beauty, but does not find the need to paint a pretty picture. Lisa Hilton’s lead protagonist in the erotic thriller, Maestra, is not a feminist.


Every Rupee Ever Printed In History

Rezwan Razack, one of the doyens of construction giant, Prestige, has devoted his life to collecting at least one of every rupee note ever minted since there was a rupee. His book chronicles this effort to be followed by a museum that will host a permanent display of the unusual collection of an iconoclast. Rezwan... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Voice Of Melodic Imperfections

Singer and songwriter Lucy Rose’s heart is that of a traveller. Her songs take you on life’s journey through love, loss and, at times, loneliness. The songs keep you company while you find your way through the complicated maze of human emotions. Coming from Warwickshire, the United Kingdom, singer and songwriter Lucy Rose has discovered herself in her third album,... Continue Reading →

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