A City Revealed, A Story Well Told

Weaving through the lanes and by-lanes, these storytellers bring to life the colours and the very essence of these thriving cities. Follow the trail and discover stories like none you've heard before.


Lisa Hilton: Unapologetic Master Of An Erotic Art

Judith Rashleigh is unapologetic. She seduces. She slays. And she thrives in murky waters amidst the dark secrets of the art world. She believes in beauty, but does not find the need to paint a pretty picture. Lisa Hilton’s lead protagonist in the erotic thriller, Maestra, is not a feminist.

All Aboard the Gourmet Cruise

Its shiny, white exteriors glint in the sunlight, as it gently bobs in the waves that lap the pier at Mahim Bay. Dark glass windows hide behind them the boat’s impressive interiors, all swish and new. Now, these interiors will have liveried waiters bustling about with platters of food as diners sit back and enjoy a pleasant evening in Mumbai’s first floating restaurant, AB Celestial.

The Beautiful Voice Of Melodic Imperfections

Singer and songwriter Lucy Rose’s heart is that of a traveller. Her songs take you on life’s journey through love, loss and, at times, loneliness. The songs keep you company while you find your way through the complicated maze of human emotions. Coming from Warwickshire, the United Kingdom, singer and songwriter Lucy Rose has discovered herself in her third album,... Continue Reading →

‘I Am Good At What I Do’

Going by the progress and the success of the The Lalit Hotels, Jyotsna Suri, Chairperson & Managing Director Bharat Hotels Limited definitely knows how to put her best foot forward. Leena Ghosh talks to Suri  about her passion for hotels as well as her belief in being human while being a hotelier.

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